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The description of our team below is interesting to read. MATC is blessed by the involvement of many very motivated, highly qualified people. Most of them do this on a voluntary basis, which adds a great dimension to the operation of MATC.

Arwin BosInstructor
After his degree in Aeronautical Engineering Arwin became an experienced instructor with AIS Flight school in Lelystad. He served as a MAF pilot in Madagascar and is now a full time instructor with MATC, and a much appreciated resource for detailed knowledge on anything related to aviation.
Marco KoffemanAccountable Manager
Marco was a MAF pilot for 15 years, flying in Uganda, Bangladesh and South Africa. The last 6 years he served as a full time MAF Fleet Training Captain overseeing all C208 training and the introduction of the C182SMA diesel aircraft in the Africa Region. Marco was involved with relief flying in Aceh after the Tsunami in 2004, in Bangladesh after cyclone Sidr in 2007 and following the Somali crisis in 2011 in Kenya.
As the AM his involvement with day to day training at MATC is very limited, allowing him to do most of the final assessments independently from the training team.
Other Team members
Peter Mik has been an aircraft engineer and CAMO manager for many years and is overseeing Maintenance Control at MATC. Our finances are taken care off by Harry Karsten, while Henk Kamphuis is our Hangar and property manager. Management assistance is provided by Arja Timmerman who is also responsible for student planning and customer care. A great team of volunteers is responsible for cleaning under the leadership of Esther Mekelenkamp.

Henk ten Cate, a trained educational expert, is responsible for our digital learning platform and E-learning courses, and is also the FSTD manager. He is also responsible for once-off training courses on the FSTD for external customers, and the appointed Health and Safety (Arbo) go to person.

Harry BerghuisInstructor
Harry served for 10 years as a MAF pilot in the mountains of Papua, Indonesia. He was an experienced Instructor Pilot for MAF on the C206, C208 and Quest Kodiak. Harry was also involved with relief flying in Aceh, Indonesia after the Tsunami in 2004 and in Haiti in 2010. Presently Harry is flying Citation XL for ASL and involved as a part time instructor with MATC.
Jeroen KnevelHead of Training
Jeroen was closely involved with the start of MATC in 2010, and now serving as the Head of Training. He is a former MAF pilot with 10 years of experience in Tanzania and Chad. He was involved in relief flying following the Darfur crisis in 2003. During the civil war of 2008 he had to manage the evacuation of many organisations and the MAF team from Chad. Recently Jeroen did the MAF standardisation course in Mareeba and was signed off as a MAF Instructor pilot on the Gippsland Airvan.
Quality & Compliance Team
Theo Afman is the compliance manager at MATC. He has years of experience in quality and compliance with Phillips and loves training MAF candidates in the basics of compliance management. Jan Harink is part of his team as an internal auditor, bringing a wealth of experience from his years with Fokker.
Luuk de WildeInstructor
A former F16 pilot with the Dutch Airforce. Luuk was involved with the Dutch Accident Investigation Board as a Lead Investigator for many years. Currently he is flying Citation X for a private company and involved on a part time basis with MATC in IR training and safety.
Gertjan de BruinInstructor
Gertjan is a former F16 pilot with the Dutch Airforce, Dornier pilot for the Dutch Coast Guard and currently in training as a Test Pilot. After his training he will return as part time instructor with MATC. He loves instructing on our flight camps and especially our Upset Recovery Course (basic aerobatics).
Pete RobinsonInstructor
Pete is a former Royal Airforce as well as Dutch Airforce pilot with experience on anything from the Tornado to the F16. Since then he has been involved with Aerial Photography operations and is currently working on his civilian instructor license. Once completed he will get involved with PPL and advanced training.