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Ide Gooden (MAF-Pilot Uganda)
The epic training at MATC enabled me to continue straight to the Cessna Caravan once in Africa with MAF.
André van Grol
Much appreciation and compliments to the instructors and staff who are highly qualified and focus on the best performance. They practice and teach us that God asks us to go the extra mile.
Johan Bals (Pilot under instruction)www.maf.nl/bals
MATC is a school with a focus. In my journey to become a qualified bush pilot they are a great help. I appreciate the professional attitude with a personal touch and the Christian spirit to empower people. It is challenging but worthwhile.
Niels Blok (Pilot under instruction)
Flight training with MATC doesn’t make me just a good pilot, but it also developed me as a person. It is very encouraging to meet and fly with other Christian pilots, to talk about our faith and to share stories.