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Our passion goes further than our love for aviation; we share a life calling to make an impact in this world. Aviation is our tool. That means we strive for the highest quality, we encourage, we challenge and go the extra mile with our students to help them find their calling in life.

In our training philosophy we put emphasis on developing competencies rather than just teaching flying skills. This Competency Based Training is the framework that we use to assess the student’s progress.

Competency Based Training results in a greater emphasis on the ‘soft skills’: Decision Making, Threat and Error Management and Situational Awareness are good examples of this. Being a professional pilot is not just determined by the smoothness of the landing or steep turn, but by good management of all elements in that process: lookout, awareness of other traffic, good knowledge of associated speeds and understanding of the technique that is used, awareness of the safety margins and choosing appropriate countermeasures where necessary.

In addition, going the extra mile also means that we give feedback on ‘attitude’; how you are approaching flying in general, if you are open to input and showing a willingness to learn.

For many flights we use scenarios to make the training as realistic and relevant as possible. A well chosen scenario gives context to a training flight and significantly increases learning.

Where possible, we make use of learning through observing. By training with others (in pairs) you get a chance of flying yourself as well as observing the same exercises from the backseat. This is another great tool to increase learning.