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QuickScan: Points to consider when becoming a MAF pilot 2019-04-25T13:51:21+00:00

You are thinking about becoming a MAF pilot. Which of the following items apply to you?

  1. I am older than 35 years and have no experience in aviation
  2. I have a family with kids 12 years or older
  3. Flying for me would be a career change from a completely non-technical profession
  4. I really hate studying, tests or assessments
  5. I really hate maths, physics or anything technical
  6. My education level is limited to intermediate vocational training
  7. My previous education has been completely non-technical
  8. I am struggling financially and have no prospect of covering the initial cost of flight training
  9. I am not sure what it means to be a Christian and what I would call myself
  10. I am not, and have never been, actively involved with any church or homegroup
  11. I hate physical exercise and any work where I run the risk of sweating
  12. I have a serious medical history that requires being near a doctor or medical facility
  13. I have bad eyesight and wear heavy prescription glasses or lenses.
  14. I am colour blind
  15. I have a hearing deficiency
  16. I have injuries that would prohibit any normal physical work: lifting 20 kg or sitting for 2 hours in a car are challenging for me
  17. I am struggling with English

The above points are chosen fairly randomly as ‘risk identifiers’, just to give you an idea of what to think about. They each identify an area that may need further research on your part if considering becoming a MAF pilot. If multiple items apply to you, perhaps becoming a MAF pilot is less likely, and doing good research is recommended before you start investing money and time into actual training.

How do I become a MAF Pilot? 2018-05-28T10:48:33+00:00

Its easy: check the information on this website.