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A great tool to support our training is the Elite S812 Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD). It is used in all our courses, from PPL to CPL. It offers great possibilities for specific scenarios based on your training need.

An affordable option for brush up training, advanced training to improve your personal skills or for training with a group of people on a specific topic.

The Elite S812 FSTD  is certified as an FNPTII and can be used in all our courses. Thanks to an impressive visual system with 220º visual field, the FSTD is extremely realistic and great for training scenarios at any desired location, like in mountainous terrain or at a challenging airstrip.

The FSTD is based on the C172 that we also use in flight training. The ‘RG’ model is equipped with a retractable gear and constant speed prop. Our new fleet standard GPS, the Garmin GTN650, is also installed. The conventional instruments can easily be converted to a glass cockpit, similar to a Garmin G500 PFD.

The FSTD is very useful in training procedures, especially Instrument procedures during IR training. Also for emergency procedures training it provides many advantages in addition to training on the aircraft. Where training emergencies on the aircraft is sometimes limited to maintain safety margins, on the FSTD these limits do not apply. An emergency landing for example can be executed fully, shutting down the engine for real and making an actual landing without engine power.

The FSTD is not a replacement for training on the aircraft, but a deliberate and smart combination of the two will increase learning significantly.

The FSTD is also useful when dealing with the constraints of European weather. Especially for our international students it is important that we ensure the training schedule can be completed in the available time, and the FSTD gives us a good ‘bad weather’ alternative.

Lastly, the FSTD is great for remedial training. If a student is struggling with a certain procedure, type of landing or has difficulty with workload management, the FSTD can be used to zoom in and do specific training to help overcome this hurdle.

Simulator Training events for groups

The simulator combined with our beautiful facilities provide great opportunities for training with small groups of 4 to 8 people. You can request training on a specific topic or scenario and spend half a day or an evening, having fun, learning a lot while sharing cost.

Besides a great view from our balcony or sampling our wonderful coffee we can on request also arrange catering for a great event. Please contact us with your ideas or ask for suggestions.

Special programmes have been developed for flying clubs that want to stay sharp during the winter period.