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Our complete MAF Training programme offers the best possible preparation for flying with MAF. Challenging but personal.

If you want to become a MAF pilot there is quite a lot to find out. This roadmap is a starting point and intended to give you an idea of how our MAF Training Programme is build up and at what pace and intensity the training can be done.

Committing to the whole Training Programme is a big decision. . We offer the training in blocks, whereby you only commit to the next phase when you are ready. Most importantly, right at the beginning we do an extensive Entry Assessment that will give you all the information you need to make a well informed decision on starting this adventure.

The road map consists of 4 simple phases:

In the explore phase we focus on finding out if becoming a MAF pilot matches with your innate skills, abilities, your personality and if you can expect to complete all the training successfully. Through an extensive Entry Assessment you get to know a lot more about your chances of success and if you should invest your time and money in flight training. As you can see below, the failure rate is high. Considering the demanding job of a MAF pilot this is to be expected.

While going through this process at MATC, it is important that at the same time you are in contact with the MAF office in your own country. MATC will work together with the different MAF offices to ensure the whole process of exploring is managed well.

If you already hold a PPL license but still want to merge into our MAF Training Programme we use the GAP analysis for that purpose. For planning purposes the GAP Analysis is quite similar to the Entry Assessment but aimed at a different experience level.


Thorough assessment to give substantiated advice regarding suitability as a (MAF) pilot and risk of failure.


  1. Email contact/ skype with MATC
  2. Contact with the MAF office in your country
  3. Schedule Entry Assessment (or GAP Analysis)
  4. Several flights at MATC
  5. Psycho-technical (GPSS) Assessment at AMC
  6. interview


4 days at MATC in the Netherlands

Failure Rate:


In the Build Phase we lay the foundation of you as a pilot. While you are doing the private pilot license you are training already in MAF procedures and techniques and discover if flying is what you would love to do as a career.

Once you have this first license you build up your experience further through our MAF training programme and our Guided Experience Building syllabus. You will also participate in some of our Flight Camps that we do in Germany.

During the Build phase you will also start with ATPL/CPL theory training. This is usually done part time through distance learning and in your own country.

This means that our international students can do theory training and most of the experience building in their home country, part time in combination with work for example, while still being in training as an MATC student. A great advantage of the setup of our MAF Training Programme. You only come to MATC a few times a year to participate in a Flight Camp or for a Phase Check, allowing us to ensure you are on the right track and provide you with feedback and support.


Confirming interest and suitability during PPL and building the foundation needed for a MAF pilot.


  1. PPL theory, PPL training, exams
  2. Guided Experience Building syllabus (GEB1)
  3. Some flight camps
  4. ATPL/CPL theory in your own country


  1. PPL full time 3 months –  part time 1 year
  2. GEB, flight camps, ATPL/CPL theory: 1 year

By the time you arrive at the Expand Phase, you will have a clear picture of where you are heading, through regular contact with MAF and your training at MATC. Now we are getting really serious.

Even though there is a lot of training remaining, everything is accelerated.

During this phase the Instrument Rating and CPL training are done full time, often with Bible School before, after or in between the courses.

In roughly 5 months you not only become a professional pilot, you are also ready for your Flight Evaluation as part of your final MAF selection process. When training at MATC, this  final  Flight Evaluation should hold no surprises for you, as you have been well prepared and challenged through your training.

The elements of the Expand Phase are scheduled in such a way that different sequences are possible, depending on the student’s situation and preference. Full time training however is usually required to ensure we can do training with small groups to increase the learning process, as well as to build your ‘stamina’ as a pilot!


Accelerate the professional phase of the Training Programme and provide a seamless transition to MAF selection and field assignment.


  1. Bible School (if required)
  2. Instrument Rating
  3. Guided Experience Building (GEB2) syllabus IFR
  4. CPL
  5. Finishing flight camps
  6. Flight Evaluation (MAF selection)


Full time at MATC (except for Bible School): roughly 4-5 months

Example: (other options and combinations are possible!)

The Go! Phase is an exciting last bridge between training and leaving for the field. While you are busy with the MAF selection procedure. Obviously there is a lot more going on during this phase as you are preparing for your move overseas.  We do additional training to ensure that you maintain your flying currency, are also able to fly on more complex aircraft, and ready for the first step in MAF, the standardisation course.

The complex aircraft training is a step up from the aircraft used at CPL and will have more challenging handling characteristics, like a Cessna 182, 206 or 180 Tailwheel.

If not done before, the Upset Recovery Training is also completed during this last phase. This training consists of 3 short sessions on basic aerobatics.


  1. MAF Selection
  2. High Performance Aircraft Training
  3. Upset Recovery Training