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Blended learning is a term used when learning is offered in a combination of E-learning, classroom sessions and hands on training. We strongly believe that using the different forms of training improves the learning process. That is why we put a lot of effort in our own Learning Management system (LMS) where you can find a vast amount of E-learning courses that you need to prepare for your next flight lesson, or that will give you a strong foundation on a new topic.

The advantage of providing this digitally is that you can always go back to the material and refresh your knowledge.

It also increases the effectiveness of the time you spend with the instructor. Instead of the instructor explaining you the theory, you have already studied this yourself. Small tests help you to see if you have understood it well. It allows you to use the time with the instructor for answering your remaining questions, explain something again that you had difficulty with, or go to the next level of application of this knowledge as the instructor discusses with you the importance and relevance of the theory you just learned.

This principle is called ‘flipping the classroom’. You are the one that is in control of your own learning while the instructor is the resource you use to ensure you understand everything, and are ready for the application.

In our LMS you will also find many additional small courses, for example on safety or aviation compliance management. For our MAF candidates there are quite a few additional courses that are required for the preparation for MAF.