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In line with European requirements for the protection of personal data the following policy is in
place at MATC. The latest version of this policy is available on our website and within Docebo,
our Learning Management System.

Who controls your data?

MATC is responsible for the control and protection of your data.
Stichting Mission Aviation Training Centre
7395 PA, De Zanden 59
Teuge, The Netherlands

Which data do we have?

Your personal data at MATC is limited to administrative data, like name, email address and phone
number. In addition we have your bank account number and data regarding your invoices and
payments at MATC.
We use this data only to provide you with all the services required for flight training. We use this also
to send you internal news letters and safety news letters to support the flight training operation.
You can inform us, or follow the instructions in the newsletter, if you no longer wish to receive these
mails. Note that the reading of the safety newsletter is a mandatory element of the flight training we

With whom are we sharing your personal data?

In principle no data is shared with third parties. Some of your data is entered in software platforms
but only those that are necessary for the proper operation of MATC.
In case of students training at MATC with the purpose of becoming a MAF pilot, we will share
progress and results of your training, as well as planning data with MAF I, but only after you have
given your approval for the sharing of this data.

Which security measures do we have in place?

Besides the above mentioned software platforms, MATC stores your data also on our NAS (network
associated server) and in your personal student folder or in the management staff folder.
The NAS is password protected. A continues backup function prevents loss of data. With the
introduction of our LMS (Docebo) the NAS will be phased out for the storage of student data.
The paper student files are kept in a storage cabinet that is locked at night and in a secure room,
protected by a security system.

What are your rights?

You have the right at all times to see, alter or remove your personal data. However, the removal of
your data is limited by EASA requirements for the storing of data for safety reasons, usually not
longer than five years.
You also have the right to data portability, meaning the easy access to your data in order to pass
them on to another organisation.
In order to see, alter or remove your personal data or to exercise your right to data portability, you
can send an email to with the details of the data you wish to access. We will
take action on your request within 4 weeks.

Which cookies do we use?

MATC has no interest in the use of cookies on our website.
How long do we store your data?
Your data is stored only for the period legally required by EASA regulations, which is usually 5 years.
In case of students that started flying for MAF, we may store your data until the end of your MAF
service, but only after receiving your approval for the storing of this data.

What can you do if you have a complaint?

In line with our CRKBO registration, we have a complaints procedure in place with an independent
complaints committee. A copy of this procedure is available. If you feel your complaint has not been
adequately dealt with by the Accountable Manager you can contact the complaints committee via: